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160 motorcycles grabbed in Police Seawall Lockdown Operation

In what is being seen as a long overdue exercise, the police on Sunday evening into morning conducted a lockdown operation along Seawall Road which targeted motorcycles.

During the operation which took place along the Seawall Road between Camp Street and Vlissengen Road one hundred and sixty motorcycles were seized by the police.

Some of the motorcycles

The operation started at 22:00hrs on Sunday evening and ended at 05:00hrs Monday morning. Motorcycles including CBRs and XRs were among those seized during the operation.

A similar operation is slated to take place this coming Sunday.

On Sunday nights, motorcyclists would be seen riding recklessly along the Seawall Road which is usually packed with persons, many of whom are on foot.

Just last week Sunday, a man was severely injured after he was struck down by a motorcycle while standing along the seawall road.

Many motorcycles have been used in the commissioning of crimes in and around Georgetown and have been causing headaches for the police and distress for the victims.

In some instances many persons have also lost their bikes to theft, those bikes are then stripped and reassembled with parts from other motorcycles.

The motorcycles which were seized between Sunday and Monday are all lodged at the Brickdam Police Station.

BIG Smith News Watch was told that the bikes will be subjected to a process of cross-referencing with the GRA and will also be examined by certifying officers.