A missing person report has been filed for 15 year old Shania Singh who was last seen on March 24, 2019.

The young lady attends a private lessons at a location along the East bank Demerara, relatives told the BIG Smith Crime Watch.

According to relatives, the young lady along with other relatives retired to bed on the above date at approximately 21:00 hrs but at 23:00 hrs when a relative got up to use the washroom, that relative observed a door to the house open at Grove, East bank Demerara.

Checks revealed that 15 year old was not in her room. The BIG Smith Crime Watch asked if the young lady has a boyfriend and a relative responded in the affirmative but said that β€˜he is not involved’ as he is around them each day assisting in the search for the missing young lady.

Calls to her mobile phone have since gone unanswered.
The matter was reported to the Grove Police Station.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of the young lady is asked to contact the following numbers for relatives: 657-0603, 641-8103, 616-0342, 619-9449, 265-4513 or the nearest police station.

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