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11-Y-O Cancer Survivor among those writing NGSA Exams

11-Y-O Cancer Survivor among those writing NGSA Exams

Eleven-year-old Cancer survivor Brianna Nelson

BY Farah Valentina Bates 

She’s young, she’s vibrant, she’s ambitious, she’s optimistic…she is 11-year-old Brianna Nelson of Canje Berbice, a cancer survivor. Brianna is among hundreds of Guyanese boys and girls who set out to sit the two-days National Grade Six Assessment Examination on which commenced on Wednesday and concludes today, Thursday. Brianna Nelson is sitting her examinations at the Cumberland Primary School in East Canje Berbice.

Two years ago back in 2018, the then nine-year-old was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer which she managed to rage a battle against and eventually came out alive but wounded, that is to say, the battle caused her right leg to be amputated. Today at the age of 11, she is a cancer survivor.

Her physical challenge of losing her leg to this deadly disease and being looked upon strangely by many including her peers was not something that would prevent her from trying to reach her full potential and as far as applicable and she decided that from a very early stage in her post-cancer war. Brianna was and still remains determined to be comfortable in her body and enjoy normal and co-curriculum activities that any child her age is involved in, that includes sitting the National Grade Six Examination.

In an exclusive interview with BIG Smith News Watch, Nelson who sat the first set of the examinations on Wednesday said that even tho she has been faced with such great challenges at a tender age, she will not let those obstacles define who she is, what she possesses, what she is capable of doing and who she becomes.

Before going to her examination on Wednesday, Brianna Nelson without any signs of nervousness in her voice; told BIG Smith News Watch that she is confident of excelling and doing remarkably well as she takes this big step which she knows will see her graduating from Primary to Secondary education.

Brianna Nelson’s hope is to attain the required marks necessary to gain entry into the Berbice High School (BHS) regardless of her circumstances. She noted that she has been putting in the extra work; reading novels, working past papers, and wisely using the internet to better prepare her mind for these exams.

The 11-year-old told this publication that when she lost her leg, she became the laughing stock for many including her peers at school but that not stop her from pursuing her studies although, on many occasions, she questioned her worth and if she really needed to be attending school. The Strong and determined young lady confidently assured that her troubled days were faced with smiles so that others could not be the reason she gave up on life.

Brianna believes that she has an opportunity at life that will allow her to be an inspiration and role model to many who have situations but believes that it’s the end of the road for them, especially young girls. She assured that she will use her story to motivate others and show them while things seem impossible, they really are not once the willpower is there.

She told BIG Smith News Watch that her aspiration is to serve her country in the capacity of a police officer where she plans to serve the state well and she is very excited about that.