Another Robbery: Calls for better security at the Society for the Blind

The Guyana Society for the Blind as well as its members continue to be the target of robberies and the body wants the relevant authorities to look into this and other issues. Located in High Street, unsuspecting members of the body have been targeted by bandits for many years.

On Wednesday, long standing member Ganesh Singh related that he was robbed some 10 feet from the office door on Tuesday.

“The security situation in the St Phillip’s Green where the Guyana Society for the Blind is located is getting worse. Security was always a problem in the area for the blind persons, however over the past few months things have gotten worse. The bandits are more brazen,” Singh said in a social media post.

Singh called on the Guyana Police Force to have more patrols in the area. “Whenever calls are made to the emergency numbers for help a team should be despatched with urgency,” Singh said, “A friend who is a former police inspector called Brickdam and requested a patrol to visit the location. An officer did visit a while after, enduring some difficulty finding the location although a sign board is in front of the driveway,” the man said.

Singh said that he did not make a police report.

“Honestly the crime situation in the country is out of control. I wonder where the GPF obtains their statistics from to show the reduction in crime as articulated in their reports.”

The Guyana Society for the Blind in its statement said that security threat has existed for many years, “.. with no concrete solution from the authorities.  The area is known to have a lot of thieves,” the body said.

Among the other issues it raised is the ongoing flooding that affects access to its building and the dumping of garbage on its accessway which has been affecting ingress and egress to the building. May is Blind Awareness Month