1 year later… Family cries for justice following accident

For the past year, the family of 7-year-old Nifran Nexamdeen has been fighting to bring closure to their son’s death, but justice appears to be illusive.

The lad, his mother, Ameena Diaram, her daughter Aasiyah and their neighbour, Parbattie Koblall, were all struck down on November 27, 2019, along the Bush Lot Public Road. Reports are that Ramesh Sewlall lost control of his vehicle bearing registration number PPP 7721 and smashed into the two adults and two children who were standing along the roadway awaiting transportation.

The car ended up in a trench, trapping but little Nezamdeen under it. Public-spirited persons rushed over to the scene and immediately rendered assistance. He was still clad in his uniform and carrying his backpack.

Thus far, Sewlall has charged with dangerous driving charge, he was released on $500,000 bail by Magistrate Rabindranauth Singh.

During an exclusive interview with Big Smith News Watch, the lad’s mother, Ameena, vented her frustration at the slothfulness of the matter,  “to be honest, I feel down because he is not here with us, sometimes I am usually in pain because my nose was fractured,”  she said, “the trial has not started as yet, but it just called and put off. We got a new magistrate at Fort Wellington (court).  The case will be called on the 21st of January,”  the mother told us.

According to the aggravated mother, her daughter is still traumatized by the accident, “she is kind of in distress and would usually talk about her brother. She usually gets nightmares, and she told me that she is scared and that sometimes she sees her brother,” Ameena told this publication.

Meanwhile, the child’s father is questioning the timeline of the case, given that a similar incident occurred in July, and that case has since been closed.

Ameena said that she hired a lawyer in the hope that her son would get the peace he deserves.