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Dismissals, reassignments meant to get best out of public service – Min. Parag

Minister of Public Service Sonia Parag has sought to defend the Government’s dismissal and reassignment of some persons within the public sector staff.

During an interview with the BIG Smith News Watch on this week’s edition of ‘FOCUS,’ the Minister noted that the moves are aimed at getting the best out of the public service.

“Every government has to strategise so that they are able to get the best performance out of their Ministries or agencies,” she noted adding that “in that way, you have to move people around [and] sometimes you have to look at the corrupt practices and take a decision on that and that is what is happening.”

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The Government has been criticized since its ascension to office in 2020 for firing or removing persons viewed as competent in their fields of work.

Minister Parag said it is not a racism or political issue.

In addition, she said there are many retirees who are rehired on contract in the public service while younger persons are awaiting promotions.

“You have to have upward mobility of youths, now if you have contracts that are being renewed and there are persons that are coming back, coming back after being retired, you have to make a decision in relation to that too,” the Minister said.

She gave the assurance that every decision taken is passed through the Public Service Commission (PSC) which was set up to deal with such issues.