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Universal Travel and One Caribbean now offer Charter flights to Guyana

Universal Travel and One Caribbean now offers Charter flights to Guyana

Some of the aircraft being used by One Caribbean 

Universal Travel and Tour here in Guyana, along with an affiliated company in the Caribbean, will soon be chartering One Caribbean Limited (OCL) Barbados (trading as ‘One Caribbean’) to operate weekly flights from Barbados to Guyana.


The partnership with the primarily-owned Vincentian air travel service provider is expected to deliver affordable flights to Guyanese.


In fact on Monday, owner of ‘Universal Travel’ Colin Changur detailed for the BIG Smith News Watch, the incredible offers that can be had with the new arrangement.


“Right now, we are offering US$295 plus the taxes…US$36 out of Georgetown; coming back from Barbados is US$66. If you do a round trip, you will get a discount.”

With the closure of LIAT Airlines, Changur and his associate decided to charter One Caribbean, so as to give persons an opportunity to travel to Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, and Tortola – the very route that LIAT was operating.


“It’s going to be a private charter for now, because it will be the individuals doing the charters once per week, to help the persons who want to leave Guyana to go to Barbados at a reasonable cost, and with baggage. It’s making it affordable for people to travel,” Changur said.


According to Changur, one of the factors that would allow the flights not to be full is the current policy that Barbados has to quarantine persons for seven days. “So if Barbados is going to relax that policy, then more persons are going to travel, especially business persons, because they can just go and do their business and return,” he explained.


Chief Executive Officer of ‘One Caribbean’, Vincentian Reginald Adams informed this publication that the sales for this arrangement will be handled by Universal Travel.


“The plan sounds progressive, and we are always interested in Caribbean partners. I am pretty certain that if done responsibly, it can work in the long run… based on sensible marketing and statistics – if we can start with once weekly, and then listen to the market,” he said during an interview.


The 30-seat pressurized and air-conditioned aircraft that will be used, according to Adams, is like a regular cabin class airplane with all of the amenities of a large airplane.


Adams, a pilot for some 30 years now, explained that One Caribbean has traveled to Guyana many times in the past on private charters, but not on a scheduled charter basis. He believes that the arrangement will be fruitful, as One Caribbean has five years of experience in the business, and is operated without any political or government influences.


Meanwhile, when operating a chartered flight, the person who does the chartering pays for the full flight, and it is then up to him to get the seats filled. So whether the flight is full or not, it will still be operating.


Since no one usually likes to operate at a loss, if the person chartering the flight does not get enough passengers, he/she may opt to postpone the flight as opposed to cancelling it.


Universal Travel can be contacted on 227-6992.