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Ramson walks into Buxton

Minister Ramson engages with some of the residents this morning

Minister of Culture Youth and Sport Charles Ramson this morning visited the community of Buxton where he met with a number of sport clubs and community leaders.

The visit to the community according to Ramson was as a result of an invitation to his office by one of the football teams from Buxton.

“They said to use that they were desperately in need of sports gear and so we had to act swiftly to ensure that they continue to engage in the sports they love” the sports minister told the community members.

Ramson said the Irfaan Ali Government is working to change communities and Buxton which is not a forgotten community is no exception and they will not be neglected by this government.

It was also during the community meeting that Ramson and his team distributed toys to children from the community.

Ramson walks into Buxton
Minister Ramson presents a gift to a young Buxton girl

A walk through was also done in several other nearby communities along the East Coast Demerara.