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Officer fingered in alleged multi-million fraud to be rewarded with promotion

FINGERED: In alleged fraud and up for promotion Marcia Washington

Woman Superintendent Marcia Washington who is the subject of a multi-million dollar alleged fraud at the Guyana Police Force finance department is among several officers up for senior police promotion by the Police Service Commission.

Officer fingered in alleged multi-million fraud to be rewarded with promotion
The leaked list with names for promotion that is on hold due to court proceedings

Earlier today, a leaked list suspected to be the intended list of with names of officers who would have been promoted on New Year’s Day by the service commission made it’s way into the public’s domain.

That promotion is now on hold following a move by Senior Superintendent Calvin Brutus to the courts, challenging the Police Service Commission in overlooking him for promotion. Brutus was subsequently as followed in his move by a number of other senior officers.

Washington was sent on administrative leave in November after the alleged fraud was uncovered.

Notably absent from the leaked list of those to be promoted also are Senior Superintendent Calvin Brutus and a number of other officers who have also challenged to the Police Service Commission.

Inspector Sarabo from the Police Force Major Crimes Unit who is also instrumental in solving a number of high-profile crimes including murders and car jackings is also not on the list to be promoted.

The leaked list gives credence to the move by Brutus and the other officers to the courts after elements within the service commission and outside had began making comments to other officers where it confirmed who and who were on and off the list for promotion.

On January 12, Chief Justice Roxane George is expected to rule on the matter. Last week she granted a stay barring the Police Service Commission from going ahead with its intended promotion until the matter before the court is decided upon.

BIG Smith News Watch has been told that in addition to Brutus and the other officers who initially challenged the Police Service Commission, there are several other officers who are in the process of also challenging the commission over their promotions.

This publication was also told that should the local courts not rule in favour of those who are challenge the Police Service Commission, the officers will be moving to appeal the ruling.

The Police Service Commission is also in possession of a memo which was sent to by the Guyana Police Force detailing a number of infractions by some of the officers who are on the list to be promoted by the Police Service Commission.

Those officers have been reportedly served with letters indicating that proceedings have commenced against them.

This publication has earlier reported that a number of officers were to be reported by the Criminal Investigation Department and Special Organised Crime Unit for offences. We had also reported that the officers at the time of our reported were not aware that they were the subjects of any investigation.