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‘Melly Mel’ to build safe house for women and children

Melissa Atwell and BIG Smith News Watch’s Leroy Smith share during the shoot for Focus

Guyanese social media personality Melissa Atwell, popularly known as ‘Melly Mel,’ anmoumces that she has recently acquired a plot of land from the Government and that same will be used to build a safe house for abused and battered women and children.

Her announcement came during the shooting for ‘Focus’, a production of BIG Smith News Watch which premieres each Sunday at 10:00am right here on our Facebook Page.

“I have been able to acquire a piece of land, and I have decided to donate that to my foundation. So, what I would be doing is that I will be building my first safe house for women and children, and I start building this year,” Atwell said.

She said that the Sheriff Security Service came on board and has offered lifetime security for the facility once construction begins and complete so that those seeking shelter can feel safe.

“I am going to have my office there. I am going to have counselors because what I am trying to do is not just have a safe house, but I want to be effective in what I do as it relates to these women and children.

She added, “When you are taking women out of domestic violence situations, you find sometimes the men are out there looking for them – you want to keep them safe and not only them but everybody there.”

Over the last few years, Atwell has used her social media account to speak about various issues, including domestic violence and sexual abuse meted out against children and women.

She however over the years has also been able to rack up some negative reactions from social media followers for the manner in which she handles some issues she decides to speak on.

Atwell was asked if she feels her postings are always helpful to those she seeks to help or if she felt that she would have been responsible for making things more complicated in some instances because of her approach to the situations, she admitted that this was the case in her earlier days.

The social media personality said that she did little facts-checking when she first started bringing these stories to the fore.

She nonetheless noted that she has learned from those mistakes and usually asked for evidence to safeguard herself from any legal action.

As it relates to the partnership, Melissa disclosed that she has a good relationship with number of agencies to whom she would forward cases for action.

Melissa is the founder of YANA – a non-governmental organization that has been rendering support to women and children who are in difficult circumstances .

Our full video interview with Melly Mel will premiere Live on BIG Smith News Watch Facebook Page at 10:00 Am today Sunday.