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Good samaritan delivers on new home for family

The home which was built with funds raised by Rozanna

Not everyone is fortunate to live a luxurious life; while some have it all, there are many who have nothing but a shack in which they call their home and dwell. This comes weeks after they were promised a new home.

Sharda Arjune, a 47-year-old mother of four, is one of those persons who was unlucky and unable to enjoy life with her children. Rather, she forcefully had to put aside her responsibilities as a mother and hunt for a job to provide for herself and family after her husband fell sick many years ago.

Sharda Arjune, her son and husband pose on the veranda of their new home

Today was a dream come true for Sharda Arjune and her husband Jagdesh Jaggernauth, of Moleson Creek, who had been living all their life in a small shack without basic amenities to sustain themselves and their children over the years.

As a result, two of her four children endured life’s hardship at a young age, when they had to move out of the house to seek betterment in an effort to support their parents and younger siblings, since their father had been suffering from a number of illnesses and is also a psychiatric patient.

Since her husband fell ill, Sharda has been taking care of him, thus unable to keep a permanent job, even though her responsibility as a mother had switched to the sole breadwinner of the home. She worked for persons around her community and other villages as a house cleaner/domestic worker.

Her last born, 14-year-old Vickash Jaggernauth, is currently employed by a cattle rancher in Moleson Creek, a temporary job he has undertaken to earn an honest dollar and support his parents, as school is currently closed.

Today was a bittersweet moment for Sharda, as she sat and looked back at the condition in which she once lived, and the place where she now calls home.

A few weeks ago, Sharda’s heartbreaking story on how she has been fighting for survival and struggling for years was aired on social media by a young woman, Rozanna Mohamed, who manages the “Rose For Relief” Foundation.

Rozanna takes a photo opt with the family

Rozanna, was at the time distributing hampers in Moleson Creek when she noticed the woman’s house and the environment in which she was living. And, after listening to the elderly woman’s life story, Rozanna quickly received an outpouring of support and assistance from a number of persons from both overseas and around the Corentyne, to build a home for Sharda and her family.

Sharda during an interview said, she is very happy and thankful to those who contributed to building her new home.

“I’m very grateful for everyone. I pray that God bless you all, and I feel very happy now.”

The woman spoke about the difficulties she encountered having to share a small shack with just two small pieces of mattress for three persons.

“I didn’t have a proper kitchen; I cook on fireside for years, and all I can say is that I’m very happy, because now I have a nice bed and I have a kitchen that I can cook and be comfortable in. Before, I used to punish a lot; my husband sickly and I didn’t always get work from people and my children were small. Many days I didn’t had food to give them”

Rozanna also spoke with this publication. She expressed elation with the fact that the woman now has a house with a suitable living environment, and thanked all the donors who would’ve contributed to Sharda’s newly-built home.