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Fresh from Germany; Miguel Wong hosts Tennis Camp

Participants of the Table Tennis Camp

Miguel Wong has returned to Guyana and hit the ground running after recently completing a stint of close to one year in Germany at two of the country’s high performance Table Tennis Centers.

This past weekend, Wong he held a ‘Performance’ Training Camp at his parent club (Titans Table Tennis Club) here in Guyana, catering for some of the country’s leading junior table tennis players.

Fresh from Germany; Miguel Wong hosts Tennis Camp
Back on home soil: Miguel Wong

He has since dubbed the camp was a huge success and is looking forward to holding other camps in the future.

“It was good, the players came out and pushed through the 12 hours, I tried to vary the exercises so that they had a balanced workout” Wong told BIG Smith News Watch.

According to him, there were eight National Junior Players including Jonathan Van Lange, Thuraia Thomas, Krystian Sahadeo and Colin Wong who participated in the Friday to Sunday camp.

“Considering the circumstances due to Covid-19 and it being my first time, it was pretty good. In terms of sharing my knowledge that I gained in Germany, they were keen in listening and learning” Wong reflecting on his first time experience as a coordinator, Wong revealed.

According to him, he found the participants were very receptive to the different drills and tactical techniques that he tried to pass on while noting that the main purpose of the camp was to pass on those tactical strategies and to give the locals new dimension of physical fitness drills.

The camp saw the physical fitness and tactical strategies being passed on during the first two days with a one day tournament on the final day as an assessment of the players growth.

Additionally, the tournament served as a warm-up of sorts for the youngsters ahead of the Guyana Table Tennis Association’s (GTTA) upcoming tournament.