Close to 4000 chickens amounting to millions in $$$ lost to flooding

High-priority areas in focus to alleviate flooding in 2024- Agri Minister
THE REALITY: A number of dead meat birds in a pen at the farm
A number of residents on the Corentyne are now trying to clean up, while some are still hoping the flood water recedes from their yard after Friday nightโ€™s sudden downpour.
According to some residents, the area is no stranger to flooding when the rain falls, but this is the worst it has been in a long time due to failure of proper drainage.
This newscast understands that it has been over four years since the NDC looked into the residents’ plight to have a proper drainage system in the village.

While many residents suffered minor losses, a family of Letter Kenny Village who owns a chicken farm at Lots 164 & 165ย  Number 57 Village is completely overwhelmed and at a loss for words after losing almost 4,000 chickens, inclusive of over 1,500 baby chicks.

Close to 4000 chicken amounting to millions loss to flooding
A number of small chicks which also died due to the flooding
Farm owner Rasheed Latif, during an interview with this publication, said he visited his farm this morning at about 5 o’clock, as he would usually do on Saturdays to start his day sales to retailers across the Corentyne.
Latif said on Saturday sales were expected to be over 500 chickens going off to retailers, but he fell into a sudden depressed state after seeing thousands of his chickens dead and floating in floodwaters around the pen when he entered the farm.
Close to 4000 chicken amounting to millions loss to flooding
Shaeeda Latif, wife of the chicken farm owner

Shaheeda Latif, the manโ€™s wife, said her husband called and informed her about the incident. In tears, the woman said โ€œHe called and told me everything from our chicken farm is gone, and I ask him what happened, and he then told me the rainfall and flood out the place and all the chickens diedโ€

The woman noted that it is not the first time the rain has fallen in that area and caused flood, but this is the first time it fell and caused damage to that extent. She also stated that they made numerous complaints to the NDC office for proper drainage in the area where their farm is located, but no one paid heed to their concerns.
According to Shaheeda, they had been running their chicken business for about 12 years, and even though they have suffered losses before, this is by far the biggest loss they have had. The woman estimated their losses to be approximately 4 million dollars or more.

Some of the chickens were 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 6, and 7 weeks old, however, the woman said since the recent chicken shortage in Berbice, they have been selling chickens at a reasonable cost and have been getting a greater demand from retailers.

Close to 4000 chicken amounting to millions loss to flooding
A floating bridge which was displaced by the water
โ€œThis morning (Saturday) I had to call all our retailers and tell them that there is no chicken, and what happened. It’s a very sad situation because one-day, sales would usually be close to a million dollars and that would cover our expenses, but the situation now left us wondering our next move, because we have to start from fresh again.โ€
Shaheeda and her husband are hoping that they can receive some sort of assistance from the agriculture sector to restart their business.