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Ashmin Abraham dreams of walking again

Ashmin Abraham dreams of walking again

An Optimistic Ashmin Abraham

By: Meshach Atkinson:::

Life changing injuries can result from an accident or deteriorating health conditions; in both cases, the individual can be caught ‘off guard’.

This is the story of Ashmin Abraham of Waramuri Village Moruca, Region 1 who is now bound to a wheelchair. In October of 2016, Abraham’s life changed forever.

She told the BIG Smith News Watch that she slept earlier that night and woke up to use the washroom. However, on her way to the washroom, she began to feel dizzy and experience Tinnitus or felt her ears “ringing” as Guyanese would say.

The young woman described the moment as her “life flashing before her eyes” as she thought “this maybe it, this maybe the end.” She was rushed to the emergency unit at the Georgetown Public Hospital where an MRI scan was conducted.

The scan confirmed that Ashmin was Meningitis which is an infection to the membrane that protects the brain and spinal cord, leading to paralysis.

Ashmin Abraham dreams of walking again
Still in active participation

The scan revealed a tumor and a surgery had to be done to remove the growth that was pressing against her spinal cord.

At this time, she was still in a state of shock and did not know what this meant to her. Adjusting has since been difficult.

“There were nights I would wake up and cry over the situation being unable to comfort myself, I would ask myself, why is this happening to me? what wrong have I done that this had to happen to me? It was very hard to accept that now I was unable to move on my own. I was depending on others for help. It was really a saddening situation…to be honest one of the most depressing times in my life for me,” Abraham explained to BIG Smith News Watch.

Bound to a wheelchair, she said many times, persons would display some form of discrimination.

However, she said that due to the emotional and physical support she received from her family and friend she was able to accept things as they are and accept the fact that she may be able walk again.

“I dream about walking again and I am working towards walking again, it will take time and patience. It won’t be easy but in the end I will walk again,” she said.

She noted that she would like to encourage all those are going through a rough time due to any sort of disability to keep on trying and to keep exercising. But most of all, she said to keep dreaming and to work towards making their dreams a reality.

Ashmin firmly believes that the only limitation you have is the limitation you place on yourself.