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Pholourie vendor gets $200,000 compensation

$ 3 Million in egg-balls, puri and fishcake damaged says vendor

The woman who claimed that she lost $ 3 million worth in Pholourie, eggballs, cassava balls, puri and fishcake has received a compensation for her loss.

The family of the woman reached out to BIG Smith News Watch and related that the woman did not claim a loss of three million.

The relative who said the woman’s losses was nothing close to even a million, further indicated that last evening, the vendor received an envelop of $200,000 as full compensation for her damaged items at State House.

In addition to the pholourie, cassava balls, eggballs, puri and fishcake, the woman was also compensated for her cooler, glass case and other items which she used to ply her trade.

Several vendors at Mon Repos claimed losses on Tuesday after the protest on the East Coast Demerara where persons protested the police shooting death of Quindon Bacchus.