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Woman’s life snuffed out hours before her birthday

Woman's life snuffed out hour before her birthday

With it’s windscreen damaged; the car, PNN 3631 which struck Edwards is parked in a police station compound 

THIRTY-Nine Year old Raquel Edwards of Levi Dam Angoy’s Avenue New Amsterdam would have celebrated her 40th Birthday Anniversary tomorrow Monday but unfortunately, her life was snuffed out Saturday night when she was killed in an

Woman's life snuffed out hour before her birthday
DEAD: Raquel Edwards

accident in Canje, Berbice.

The police in a statement Sunday reported that the accident took place close to 21hrs on Saturday evening as the woman was riding her pedal cycle when she was hit by a car, driven by a Georgetown resident.

It was further stated by the police in their statement that the driver informed them, that he was heading in the same direction of the woman who suddenly attempted to cross the road in his path as he was negotiating a turn when the collision occurred.

Speaking with this publication on Sunday, the dead woman’s sister recalled that she received the news of her sister’s calamity from a friend who works close to where the accident took place.

“When I come to the hospital, the doctor said she was hit by a car and the car left the scene but the porter from the hospital assisted and bring her in but she did not make it.” Fern Edwards told Big Smith News Watch on Sunday in an interview.

Woman's life snuffed out hour before her birthday
Fern Edwards: Sister of the dead woman

Fern described her sister as a hard-working mother of one who would salvage different items such as copper and aluminum in and around nearby communities to provide for herself, a honest dollar.

According to Fern, she was told that on Saturday night after her sister was struck by the speeding car in the vicinity of the New Amsterdam Hospital, she was flung several feet into the air before landing on the road surface. By that time, the driver who lost control of his vehicle then ran her over and continued along his way without stopping to render any assistance.

He was however subsequently arrested by the police. Raquel Edwards who was heading home at the time she met her demise, was described by family members as a jolly and quiet individual.

The woman’s relatives have expressed the need for justice to be swift and in accordance with the law for such acts as dangerous driving and failing to render assistance to an accident victim.

Police conducted a breathalyzer test on the driver but no trace of alcohol was detected in his system at the time of the test.