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Uncle murders his nephews during wedding celebration

DEAD: ‘sunny and ‘Ranga’

An uncle is detained, his two nephews in a hospital morgue and the family divided after coming together to celebrate two newly weds.

Dead is 43 year old Mahendra Ramoutar called Sunny and his stepbrother Surindra Sugnandan called Ranga both of number 43 village Corentyne.
BIG Smith News Watch understands there was a wedding celebration by a relative of the deceased men and at about 21:30 hours an argument between tthm.and thensuspect who was later identified as the uncle.
During the argument, the uncle went home armed himself with a knife and dealt his two nephews several stabs about their bodies. Their mother tried to intervene along with a bystander but they too were injured.
Bibi Shamin Faroozadeen an aunt of one of the deceased on Monday spoke with BIG Smith News Watch.
“I heard the stepfather brother them get into an argument and bore sunny and the mother and when they gone to the hospital the other brother ranga, he died they slash his throat… other relatives are saying they ain’t know what cause the argument that they heard the commotion and come out and see them on then road laying down with blood about their bodies.”
The aunt noted that regardless of the relation between the family and the suspect, she needs justice for her nephews as they shared a really good relationship. She says it’s a very hard and emotional time for the family while adding that it is not right to kill someone.
“We need justice, I dont know for them but for me I need justice because my nephew was a very good boy and he always be with his mother, he live like a year with me and the mother go back for him the mother go back for him and he come back even if they got problem he gonna go in the bush and work and come back. When they was babies the mother brother use to take care of them and when they got to a certain size that they can work the mother took them back”
Meanwhile the uncle and another male have been arrested in connection with the crime. The murder weapon was also recovered from the scene.