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Tenant plays cat & mouse after selling out stocks, refuse to pay rent

Tenant plays cat & mouse after selling out stocks, refuse to pay rent
The woman who has been evading the businessman at all cost
A businessman and supermarket owner is left counting his losses after a former tenant failed to honour an agreement with him – that she would sell his goods and pay him back.
Saleem Khan rented his supermarket to a woman (whose name he provided), along with about $2.3M in goods, and the agreement was that she would repay $185,000 monthly, for 12 months.
With a five-year contract in place, the woman made a few payments, but then sold out the goods and abandoned the supermarket.
“She breached the contract, and now has $1.3M remaining. Five months finished and no payments from her,” Khan told the BIG Smith News Watch.
He said that he sent her a lawyer’s letter and she has since chosen not to respond. Apart from him, Khan alleges that the woman also owes money to two other persons.
“Putting this on the news won’t give me back my money, but being that she owes others, I just want others to know that she is a con artist. I want the public to be sensitized,” he said.
Khan, who even obliged the woman by dropping the rent, said she was his office secretary before she took over the supermarket. “I decided to give her a break. It’s a break I gave her and she screwed it up.”
Meanwhile, the man that the woman is living home with allegedly issued a threat to shoot Khan. That matter reached the court, and the man was placed on $10,000 bail. Khan believes that the man is still at Camp Street prison, as he has not been able to pay the bail.
EDITOR’S NOTE: This interview was conducted with Mr.Saleem Khan on October 18, 2020. Immediately after the interview, we visited the home of Ms. Pamela Ramdham but she was not there. We left a contact number for her to make contact with a view of getting her side of the story. Ms. Ramdham did make contact but did not speak on the matter holistically, she instead indicated that she needed to speak with her lawyers and get back to us, we offered her seven days to do such and to date, we received no follow up calls from or anyone associated with Ms. Ramdham.