‘Suspicious red mark’ found on Anisa Miguel’s neck after body recovered

By Michael Jordan

Police have confirmed that the body recovered from the Mazaruni River on Sunday is that of 19-year-old Anisa Miguel. A ‘suspicious-looking red mark’ found on her neck may be a clue to how she met her end, says police who recovered her body.

The body of the 19-year-old mother was spotted floating face-down at around 10.30 hrs on Sunday, June 26, near Baboon Island, Mid-Mazaruni.

This area is four miles from Martin’s Landing, where Anisa was last seen alive.

The victim was still clad in the top and blue jeans she was last seen wearing. The remains were in an advanced state of decomposition.

Big Smith New Watch was told that what is of interest to investigators is a “red mark” a detective observed on the young woman’s neck.

“We are interested in examining a red mark on her neck,” a source said, while stressing that a postmortem is still to be conducted. That is likely to be conducted in Georgetown.

At present, the body is at the Enachu Police Station.

An official stressed that until the autopsy is conducted, “we will not release the people we have in custody.”

In custody since Saturday, June 24 are a female bar owner at whose Martin’s Landing entertainment spot Anisa was last seen; a male relative of the woman and two salesgirls who are Anisa’s co-workers.

“If she was murdered the persons responsible and those in whose care she was left must face justice,” a male relative of Anisa’s said.

“She was just nineteen,” he stressed. The teenage mom vanished on Friday, June 17.

Anisa, who has a four year old son, and two salesgirls had travelled by boat to Martin’s Landing to sell perfumes and other items for their employer, who has a boutique at Tamakay Landing, Mazaruni.

It is alleged that they visited an entertainment spot and consumed alcoholic beverages.

It is alleged that they were all intoxicated and a boat operator refused to take them back to their workplace.

They reportedly remained in the company of the female bar owner.

There are reports that the woman took Anisa to a room to rest.

According to one report, the friends last saw Anisa dancing with a young man at the entertainment spot.