Suspect in Bartica fatal stabbing arrested

Photo: Dead- Alston Seon

The suspect in the killing of 24-year Alston Seon also known as ‘Old boy’ of Agatash Constituency, Bartica, was arrested and remains in custody.

Seon was stabbed to death on Sunday afternoon, while defending a friend at the junction of Third Avenue and Third Street Central Bartica.

The suspect has been identified as 22 years old Kellon Creigton, a laborer who resides on the Byderabo Backdam road in Bartica, Essequibo River Region Seven.

Police in a report stated that on May 08, at about 13:30h, Seon was liming with a gold miner and three female Venezuelans when Creighton approached and threatened the gold miner to “buss his throat.” Seon intervened and told Creighton to desist from what he was doing. The suspect became angered at this and drew a knife from the waist of his pants and stabbed Seon to the right side of his chest.

Seon fell to the ground after being stabbed and was picked up and rushed to the Bartica Regional Hospital by his friend. He later succumbed to his wound whilst receiving medical treatment at the hospital. Ranks of the Bartica Police station were able to recover the murder weapon along with a number of eye witness statements.

A Post mortem on Tuesday found that Seon was stabbed to the heart.