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Source of frequent Bagotstown accidents uncovered

Source of frequent Bagotstown accidents uncovered

The wreck of a car in which two friends were killed and another injured last month at the said location

Engineers of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure have conducted an assessment on the Bagotstown East Bank Demerara turn which has been considered the source of multiple accidents over the years and most recently.

It was determined that the spot is a blind and sharp turn and added to that, there are no reflectors on the road or the median so motorists would hit the medium then ricochet into the yards and fence of properties located nearby. BIG Smith News Watch was told.

This publication was told that the engineers are in the process of putting together their official report on their findings and that would be submitted to the Ministry with the view of having corrective measures taken almost immediately. We were also further advised that there is no actual problem with the road surface in that area.

Jaipaul Sharma of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure explained that a decision was taken on Saturday last to have the site visit done and in accordance with that decision, the team visited on Monday and made the findings.

Sharma said it is also believed that the frequent accidents are caused by reckless driving and excessive speed.

There have been several accidents at the spot which have left persons in the past dead, or critically injured after negotiating the turn but after a businessman became the latest statistic at the site having his SUV flipped and crashing into the fence of a resident that the Ministry decided to act. Fortunately tho, there were no fatalities in that latest crash.

However while the ministryโ€™s engineers have made it clear that there is no issue with the road surface at the area of the turn, it should be noted that the turn is uneven, and also carries several bumps that rattle the whiles of vehicles as they negotiate the turn.

Just last month two friends died and another was seriously injured as a result of an accident in the same location. That was followed by a number at least three other crashes and came on the heels of several others, which have been happening over the years.

That section of the road previously had holes that were filled and capped with tar. This also causes the vehicles to bounce when moving at a certain speed around the turn