Skeleton remains suspected to be those of Answar Stoll found; to be sent for DNA testing

Police have discovered the skeletal remains of a man in the Kuru Kururu Backdam located on the Soesdyke-Linden highway. The discovery was made at about 20:35h on Wednesday and is believed to be that of 46-year-old Answar Stoll, according to a statement from the Guyana Police Force.

Stoll was reported missing since November 15, 2020. His house at Kuru Kururu was found ransacked by family members who went looking for him while there was blood on the walls and floor. His personal belongings were also missing.

On March 18, the police arrested a 30-year-old man Leon Waddle who reportedly admitted to murdering Stoll. Reports are that Waddle told Cops he stole the victim’s cellphone and other belongings, but he did not reveal where the body was dumped; instead, he led police officers to a location where they only recovered a bedsheet with bloodstains.

In a statement on Thursday, the police said the human bones were found scattered in an area with a diameter of about 30 feet and showed evidence of being there for quite some time. Several of the bones were also found intertwined in the roots of small plants.

The bones recovered include a skull. The skull appears to be that of a male and bore evidence of a sharp injury (chop) to the top of the skull. The chop extended from above the eye socket all the way to the rear of the top of the skull.

Other bones recovered at the location include 11 vertebrae – these put together would form what is commonly referred to as the backbone.  (22 vertebrae still missing)

Also eleven pieces of rib bone were recovered with an estimated 13 pieces still missing.

Both the left and right Scapula and Clavicle bones (shoulder bones) were recovered as well as the bones of the pelvic girdle (the hip structure).

In light of the above, the skeleton remains will be sent overseas for DNA testing at the earliest possible opportunity, police said.