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SHOOTING OF UNARMED MEN: Three cops arrested as review of facts commence

SHOOTING OF UNARMED MEN: Three cops arrested as review of facts commence

Top Cop Hoppie and his team in a visit to the victim’s home on Sunday

Less than thirty-six hours after a high-level police team headed by Commissioner Nigel Hoppie promised the relatives of Cecil Sampat that justice would be served in relation to the shooting incident which resulted in his death and the crippling of his friend, three policemen have been arrested in connection with the incident. The shooting took place on July 25.

BIG Smith News Watch has been informed that of the three ranks detained, two are constables and one is a corporal.
Their arrest follows a review of the entire file in relation to the shooting which took place three weeks ago on D’Urban Street, when the police in a multi-patrol operation cornered a car that four young men were in.
The police claimed that the men opened fire on them, but a meticulous search of the vehicle as well as on the person of the occupants unearthed nothing illegal.
There were also no bullet holes on any of the police vehicles which responded to the radio transmission which led to the chase and the subsequent shooting of the young men.
A number of other ranks who responded to the radio transmission on that evening are expected to be interviewed by ranks of the Criminal Investigation Department’s Major Crimes Unit.
Interestingly, the development of the three ranks being placed into custody comes two days after Commissioner of Police (acting) Nigel Hoppie, Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum and Divisional Commander Simon McBean visited the home of Cecil Sampat, where they assured the relatives of the dead young man that they will ensure that justice is served in the matter.
It should be noted that the detention of the three ranks is not being considered close arrest. Soon after the incident three weeks ago, the then commander of the division, after listening to the facts of the matter and the evidence, placed approximately 17 ranks under close arrest. They were then placed on open arrest.

The driver of the car according to doctors will be paralyzed as a result of the injury he received. We were told that he and his family were also advised that there a surgery he can do but after the surgery, he will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. he was also warned that the surgery was a high-risked one and that he could also die during the process of the surgery. He was given a few hours to decide if he would go ahead with the surgery.

BIG Smith News Watch has been informed that the three ranks who were arrested today have been told of the offence for which they are likely to be charged and were also cautioned.