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Police Promotion Saga: Brutus will head to CCJ if local ruling unfavorable

Senior Superintendent of Police Calvin Brutus  

If the ongoing court matter; Calvin Brutus vs The Police Service Commission does not end with a favourable ruling for Brutus, his legal team has indicated that they will be heading all the way to the Caribbean Court of Justice.

Already efforts by the Attorney General to have both sides sit and discuss the matter out of court, crumbled as was reported in court Friday last.

The Police Service Commission is contending that if they are to engage with Brutus or any other aggrieved police officer in relation to promotion, it would first mean that the officer would have to withdraw any proceedings filed against the body.

It was one of the pre-conditions given to Brutus and his team which they outrightly rejected.

At the moment, the promotion for Senior officers of the force is on hold as Brutus and others filed legal proceedings against the Police Service Commission for what it calls, attempts to supercede them by promoting officers who are younger and junior to them.

Brutus in his court documents is effectively saying, once the Police Service Commission goes ahead and promote some of the people who are junior to him, then he too must be promotion.

The holding up of the promotion list for officers has caused some tensions within the force as some senior ranks are of the view that no challenge should have been given to the process.

The parties will return to court within 22 day where the AG chambers will file its defence followed by a two weeks for the other side to respond and then a other two weeks to reply.

From all indications, the matter may end up running all the way to June of this year.