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Peacemaker killed as drunk friends brawl

Peacemaker killed as drunk friends brawl

Dead: Orlando Jonas

Twenty Seven-year-old Orland Michael Jonas called ‘Lanno’ was on Saturday night pronounced dead at the Port Mourant Hospital moments after he was rushed there to be treated for stab wounds he sustained while trying to part a fight between two of his drinking buddies.


BIG Smith News Watch understands that of Fyrish Village Corentyne Berbice went between the two persons as they execute their offensive against each other during their drunken brawl but he ended up being the causality.


According to information reaching this publication, Orlando along was with other friends imbibing at Albion when the two got into their argument and things escalated quickly resulting in a scuffle.


It was at the point of the scuffle that Jonas got involved to separate the two and was stabbed multiple times about his body and left on the roadway for a considerable period of time before being taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.



Report out of Berbice suggest that the two men who were initially involved in the fight have been admitted as patients for the wounds they inflicted on each other during the ordeal.


The reason for the brawl is unknown at this moment but the police are continuing their investigations into this matter.