Owner of car which struck down missing man promises evidence to ‘clear his name’

By Michael Jordan

“I did not hit down Reonol Williams.” That’s what the owner of the vehicle that struck down Williams eleven days ago is saying to Big Smith News Watch and he’s promised to provide us with evidence that would clear his name.

This new twist in an already bizarre case comes as family and friends continue to ask: Where is Reonol Williams’ body?

In two telephone interviews, the owner of the motor vehicle PAB 2552 suggested that someone else was behind the wheel when Williams was struck down.

He suggested that the culprit is a cousin of his, whose alias he gave as ‘Boy.’

According to the vehicle’s owner, he was “out of the area” when the accident occurred. His vehicle, meanwhile, was reportedly parked at his house.

He alleged that he learnt that ‘Boy’ had visited his home when he was away and that when he returned, his car was missing and so was ‘Boy.’

He has promised a further interview with Big Smith News Watch.

His version of events comes even as an eyewitness placed him at the scene of the accident on the Enmore Public Road on May 23, 2022.

An eyewitness, who is Williams’ friend, said he was able to pick the driver out of seven other individuals in a police line-up.

Police placed him on $300,000 station bail and took possession of his passport after last Saturday’s identification parade.

They have consulted with their Legal Advisor on how to proceed with the investigation.

The car which was found abandoned remains impounded.

Big Smith News Watch is in possession of a photograph which shows Williams lying on the ground near the owner’s vehicle, which has a smashed windscreen. After Williams called ‘Willo,’ a labourer of Enmore, was struck down, it is alleged that he was picked up by the driver of the motorcar to be transported to the hospital, but he was never seen again.

The friend who was with him said Williams was “barely breathing,” his entire head was bloodied, and his left arm appeared to have been broken.

Big Smith News watch was told that so far, police have not found any security camera footage of the accident, or where the culprit might have disposed of the badly injured man.

Yesterday, relatives and friends mounted a candlelight vigil at the spot where Williams was struck down.

They made repeated appeals for the culprit to say where he had disposed of Williams’ body.

Silvie Williams, one of the missing man’s sisters, spoke about searching “road corners and trenches” up to yesterday, in the hope of finding her brother’s body.