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One killed as club-hopping crew encounters crossfire at Agricola

One killed as club-hopping crew encounters crossfire at Agricola

KILLED: Tryon Duceberryย 

27-year-old Tyron Duesberry was shot and killed on the Agricola Public Road just after midnight Sunday as he sat in the back seat of a car. At the time of the shooting, he and others were looking for a spot to chill and lime after leaving the City Vibes Club located in Albouystown.

Big Smith News Watch has been informed that as the car they were in passed Agricola, they noticed a gathering on the road with approximately one hundred persons and decided to turn around the car to get a better view of the commotion that was taking place.

As they passed the location at Brutus Street, Agricola, rapid explosions began emanating from within the crowd and the back windscreen of the car was shattered. Shortly after, Duesberry leaned forward and claimed that he was shot, blood was also seen oozing from his mouth.

The driver of the car then quickly rushed him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival by doctors who were present on duty at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Police sources familiar with what took place related that detectives have been able to recover a warhead from inside the car and which is suspected to have been the fatal bullet that caused the life of Duesberry.

Duesberry worked as a construction worker according to what this publication was told. At the time of the incident, the wife of the Tyron was also in the vehicle and was reportedly resting her head on his lap sleeping when they passed the commotion at Agricola.

Another female along with the driver of the car who is said to be a gold miner from the East Coast Demerara were in the vehicle when the incident took place, this publication was told.

Several persons have since provided the police with statements in relation to the matter and the investigation remains an active one even as detectives are treating the death as a murder.