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No big list for junior police promotions this year

No big list for junior police promotions this year

The Customary junior police promotions list which in some instances would see as much as two hundred plus ranks being promoted could see a change this year.

BIG Smith News Watch has been informed that earlier this year, the previous police administration headed by Commissioner of Police (on pre-retirement) Leslie James promoted a number of ranks who could have otherwise await the end of year promotion.

Those vacancies were reportedly filled during divisional visits by the administration who without thoroughly checking the background of some of the ranks who they considered for on the spot promotion, went ahead and promoted them nevertheless, leaving deserving ranks out in the cold.

It should be however noted that the Commissioner of Police is empowered to make promotions to any police rank from constable through Sergeant

In checking with a number of senior officers across the force, they confirmed that most of the junior vacancies within their span of control are filled and they foresee a challenge for the current force administration in considering names for the junior promotions.

As it is now, there is a top-heavy posture of subordinate officers within the force which peeks the required establishment of the organization.

Junior Police Promotions are expected to be announced midnight tomorrow Thursday. Many junior police ranks ranging from Constable to Corporals do look forward to a stripe or two.

Promotions are generally given on merit which includes but is not limited to good behavior, performance on the job, success in respective areas of operations and qualifications.

At the moment there are a number of junior police ranks who have been using their free time to further their studies in a number of areas including law, psychology, communication and social work at the University of Guyana.

BIG Smith News Watch has been informed that the list of junior police promotions was finalized last evening.