Murder charge for Soldier after police find rope, plastic bags & slippers at his house

By Michael Jordan

Police on Monday read murder charges to Guyana Defence Force corporal Collin Hazel, as investigators unearthed more evidence linking him to the strangling of 29 year old Donalesa Park.

He is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday.

“We have enough circumstantial evidence against him and we read the charge to him today,” a senior official told Big Smith News Watch.


Among clues appearing to tie Corporal Hazel to Park’s murder, is a length of rope that was found during a search at his home at Courtland Village Public Road, Corentyne, Berbice.

“The rope found to wrap the deceased matches the rope found in the house,” a senior police official told Big Smith News Watch.

“In addition, he had claimed that slippers found in his locker were his, but when asked to put them on during a video interview they were too small. The plastic bags which the body was found in also match the size and colour of plastic bags found in the home of the accused,” the official disclosed.


Investigators also have CCTV  footage which shows Park entering Corporal  Hazel’s yard on Wednesday, June 29.

She was found dead the following day.

“The suspect, Collin Hazel, was shown the said image and he identified his house and yard in the footage and the female who entered the yard to be the deceased,” an official said.

A sister of Corporal Hazel’s has told investigators that she saw him beating Ms. Park.

The detained rank has reportedly told investigators “he will live with the consequences of his actions and whatever will be.”


In interviews with investigators, Corporal Hazel allegedly said that he was involved in a relationship with Park, who has a five-year-old son.

He alleged that she had not told him that she was living with her “child father” and said he had severed the relationship. However, Hazel allegedly continued to give her detergent, colognes and other items for her business.

Park’s body was found wrapped in plastic at around 07.00 hrs on Thursday, June 30, at Courtland Village Public Road, Corentyne, Berbice.

It was disposed of “obliquely opposite” the detained rank’s home, police said.