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Masked gun/cutlass bandits rob Berbice family

A family of five was on Sunday evening robbed by men who invaded their home dressed in dark color clothing, wore masks and carried cutlasses while one a gun in hand. The bandits were numbered at three according to the victims.

BIG Smith News Watch was told that the men invaded the family’s lot 35 Zoorenhoop Blairmont, West Coast Berbice home at approximately 19:45hrs, carting off gold and jewelry in the process.

Twenty Five-year-old Estate Foreman Sohanram Ramotar told the police detectives that the men (although masked) were males of African descent and that during the course of the robbery they also took away his wallet containing cash.

When the police visited the scene of the crime, they interviewed all the occupants of the home, namely Deowattie Ramotar, Waderam Ramotar, Sohanram Ramotar, Ashim Ali and Sinneta Ramotar.

At the time the bandits invaded the house, Deowattie and her husband Waderam were said to be sitting in the front of their yard while the other occupants of the home were in the living room.

It is believed that the bandits entered the house through the back door which was open at the time and held Sohanram, Ashim, and Sinneta at gunpoint while the ones with the cutlasses took the husband and wife into the house to stand and join the others.

Demands were then made of the family for cash, jewelry, and other items while ordering them to place their hands up in the air and comply with instructions, orders which the family followed.

Sohanram was then taken to the upper flat by the bandit who carried the gun and he was made to hand over the items which were mentioned earlier.

When they were finished, the bandit left the building and made good their escape. When the family thought it was safe enough, they raised an alarm and other persons from the neighborhood came running to their assistance but by then the bandits were nowhere in sight.

This publication was told that no shots were fired and the bandits and no harm was done to the victims during the course of the robbery. Investigations into the robbery are ongoing.