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Lone gunman robs Bartica gold establishment

Lone gunman robs Bartica gold establishment

Police detectives in Bartica are hunting for a man who launched a daring solo robbery of a mining establishment at Second Avenue Bartica.

BIG Smith News Watch has been informed that just after lunch today, the man walked into the Emperor Mineral Trading located at lot 43 Second Avenue, Bartica, Essequibo River, and robbed the establishment of an undisclosed amount of cash, raw gold, and one mobile phone.

While the total value of the items is not immediately available, police sources have related that the loot could amount to approximately two million in worth, inclusive of the raw gold, cash, and phone.

Initial police investigations revealed that the suspect wen to the establishment under the pretext of wanting to purchase gold. Clad in a pair of a blue shirt, black short pants, longs boots, and a haversack on his back, the man went into the premises.

It was reported that the suspect first enquired about gold prices and while there he formed a conversation with another person who was there. That person asked him what he wanted to do and he indicated that his friend who owes him some money has gold to sell so he was there to enquire about the price.

As one of the employees left the office to go and purchase lunch, the suspect went into the building in a private office under the guise that he wanted to do business.ย At that point, he held an employee at gunpoint, ordered him to lay on the ground, tied him up, and proceeded to take the items which were mentioned above.

After he was finished, the damaged the DVR and made good his escape. The matter was reported to the police and several persons were questioned but no arrests yet made. The investigations are ongoing.