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Key info about ops resulting in Jones detention unclear

Key info about ops resulting in Jones detention unclear

Former Director of Sports Christopher Jones

The Guyana Police Force is yet to provide any real clarity of the operation last night at the home of Former Director of Sports Christopher Jones in relation to the alleged presence of state assets at his home.

In an operation which saw several developments including the Jones locking himself in his house, refusing the police entry to the property, the kicking down his door, the police ignoring a court order, the subsequent removal of items suspected to be owned by the state and the ultimate arrest and detention of jones; several burning questioned remained unanswered.

BIG Smith News Watch has asked the police to respond to a number of questions in relation to the operations which are yet to be answered even as the police are coming in for harsh criticism for their handling of the situation.

Our questions which were posted to the Public Relations Officer of the Force questioned;

Which agency or person made the report about the alleged state assets at Jones home, how much bail was jones placed on, which arm of the force (Major Crimes, SOCU, A Division) carried out the operation and if any documentation was provided either by jones or the person or agency which made the report about the state assets, that can prove either by jones- if he is legally required to be in the possession of the items, or in the cased of the person making the report- if jones is not authorised to legally be in possession of the items.

BIG Smith News Watch also reached out to the Ministry of Social Protection to ascertain the details of a reported grant through that ministry to Jones which was acquired to establish a barbershop in which the items were to be pleased.

Staff at the Ministry indicated to contact the Permanent Secretary and get back to this publication on the matter but up to press time, no call with any clarification in relation to the matter was returned to BIG Smith News Watch.