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Jumbo Jet guns seized; one arrested after viral ‘threat’ video

Jumbo Jet guns seized; one arrested after viral ‘threat’ video

A Jumbo Jet business Office on Smyth Street a stone’s throw from the Brickdam Police Station

Police Detective from the Criminal Investigations Department Major Crimes Unit aided by colleagues from the Brickdam Police Station have arrested 26-year-old Jermaine Kingston, an employee of the Jumbo Jet Auto Sales and several guns belonging to the company were have since been seized.

Arrested: Jermaine Kingston

The arrest and seizure come hours after a video that went viral on social reportedly directed to the Coalition Government on threats should they fail to give get out of office and give up the election which they seem to have lost based on the National Vote recount.

BIG Smith News Watch has been able to gather from reliable police sources that up to the time of this reporting being published, all the guns which were seen in the video were not yet in the custody of the police.

Further to that, the police were still trying to ascertain if they were all enforced, that is to say if all the guns which were seen in the video had the necessary licenses enforced. There was also no clarity u to the time of this publication that could prove if the young man who was arrested was a supernumerary constable, licensed to carry arms and ammunition, and if so; if his license was enforced at the time.

“Following the circulation of the video above on social media today in which a cache of firearms was on display and also in which threats of violence were made, the Guyana Police Force promptly commenced a thorough investigation. So far investigators have arrested a 26-year-old male and seized a number of firearms belonging to a security firm a further update will follow” the police force said in a statement this afternoon.

Over time, security guards who are entrusted to carry arms and ammunition on behalf of companies in the execution of their duties have been found to be improperly handling the weapons.

While some are seen on video discharging round into the air, others are seen drawing their weapons without reasonable cause.

Just two months ago, there was also a Facebook between operatives of two security services in an interior location where they were arguing over land claims. In that video, weapons were set at ready and pointed to each other.

The police got involved in that matter but to date, they have refused to return to provide any update on the status quo of that investigation.