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Illegal aircraft and crew found, another believed crashed in Guyana’s jungle

Body on cocaine plane brought to Georgetown; Interpol to play a role probe

The 206 Cessna Aircraft and three foreign nationals who are detained 

The Security Forces in Guyana are on high alert after an aircraft that reportedly originated out of Venezuela or Brazil crash-landed at an airstrip at Issano, Middle Mazaruni, River Region 7 last night.

It is believed that another aircraft which was accompanying the said aircraft crashed somewhere within the interior region with its crew members, police sources have indicated to BIG Smith News Watch.

Three foreign nationals who were onboard the crash-landed plane have since been detained and they identified themselves as two pilots and a technician. One of the pilots is said to be from Venezuela while the other along with the technician are Brazilians.

BIG Smith News Watch learned that just after 22:00hrs on Sunday night, the police received information that an illegal aircraft was on the airstrip and they quickly mobilised and moved to the location in a tactical formation and positioning.

Once there the police observed that a 206 Cessna bearing registration PR-FMJ and which carried the Logo ‘Skyhawk’ was positioned on the runway along with the 29, 35, and 39-year-old male foreign nationals.

The men were promptly taken into custody and questioned and they reportedly told detectives that they were heading to Suriname from Brazil when they developed mechanical problems and decided to land at Issano.

They also told detectives that another plane was accompanying them and to the best of their knowledge, they believe that the other plane along with its crew might have crashed somewhere within the Guyana jungle.

It remains unclear how the national if they indeed encountered mechanical problems, knew about the presence of the airstrip at Issano.

A search was carried out on the aircraft and nothing illegal was found, a search of the surroundings of the airstrip was also conducted and again nothing was found. The police also carried out a search on the three nationals and their personal belongings including identification cards, a satellite phone and a small amount of cash were recovered and confiscated.

The police are continuing their investigations into this matter.

United Secretary of State Michael Pompeo is expected to arrive in Guyana later this week for a two days official state visit, his advance team arrived in Guyana late yesterday afternoon on-board a United States army aircraft.