Guyana Daily News fires EIC over misleading post which caused ECD protest

The Guyana Daily News has fired its Editor in Chief (EIC) Mr. Ronald Singh, with immediate effect following calls for actions to be taken against the social media page. The page on Monday night posted a status indicating that a policeman responsible for the shooting to death of a Haslington, East Coast Demerara (ECD) resident was released from police custody, triggering widespread protests on the ECD on Tuesday.

The page in a post later on Tuesday said, “the Editor in Chief (EIC) Mr. Ronald Singh, has been terminated with immediate effect.”

The agency said it has observed calls for actions to be taken against this media outlet, for the troubles that have been caused by a misleading article, that was shared.

“The management and staff of Guyana Daily News have acknowledged the calls and have taken a step to ensure that the same mistake is not repeated in the future,” it noted.

It further stated that the Guyana Daily News is committed to bringing you the public accurate information, and we will strive to ensure that this is maintained at all costs.

The Guyana Press Association has released a statement in which it said the Guyana Daily News is not recognised to be a bona fide news organisation within the strict meaning of the term and with regard to basic journalistic obligations.