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Gunmen slap, gagged and rob woman in Cuyuni shop invasion

Woman takes her life after checking into short-time hotel

A woman on Wednesday was the victim of a robbery committed by three males, two of whom carried small arms at the time.

The victim was identified as 27-year-old Mandy LaCruz a salesgirl who originates from the West Coast Demerara. She related to her employer that the incident took place just after 20:30hrs.

She claimed that three identifiable males arrived at the shop which is located at Quartz Stone Waterfront, Cuyuni, and ordered beers.

As she was in the process of serving them, two of the suspects whipped out firearms and held her at gunpoint, forced her to the back of the shop, gagged, slapped ad bound her while demanded that she hand over cash and other valuables.

Fearing for her safety, the woman related that she pointed the men to where the money was and while one of the suspects went to get the cash, the other two began to relive her of valuables which she has on at the time.

The police were told that at the end of it all, the bandits made off with One Digicel Modem value $160,000.00, One 10 dwt gold chain value $100,000.00, One 3 dwt gold ring value $30,000 and one hundred thousand dollars Guyana currency.

After the men left, the victim managed to free herself and reported the incident to Marcy Benn (her employer) who later went to the Bartica Police Station where she reported the matter.