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Government fires NICIL’s boss Colvin London

TERMINATED: Colvin Heath-London

The government has parted ways with NICIL’s and Head of the Special Purposes Unit Colvin Heath-London. In a release on Friday the government cited Heath-London’s alleged “failure to properly perform” his duties and “transgressions” that it said “constitute serious misconduct”.

The government in its release said these transgressions coupled with his dereliction of duty caused NICIL and the government to “ lose millions of dollars”.

The government also identified alleged issuance of leases as well as agreements of sale for lands are among the reasons the government it also terminated his services.

Government fires NICIL's boss Colvin London
The first part of the letter

The government said that Heath-London’s services were terminated with immediate effect as it cited a review of NICIL’s and the Unit’s operations which it is claiming revealed “illegalities and serious failures”.

The Special Purpose Unit was appointed to oversee the divestment of assets belonging to the Guyana Sugar Corporation. The APNU/AFC coalition while in government had moved to close several of the sugar estates with the aim of divesting the Corporation’s assets including lands.

Heath-London served as Chief Executive officer of the National Industrial and Commercial Investment Limited.

Government fires NICIL's boss Colvin London
The second part of the termination letter

Among the issues the government cited as irregular were the issuance of leases at Peter’s Hall on the East Bank of Guyana which it said were done without public tender, valuation and board and Cabinet approvals, its has also cited the issuance of 14 agreements of sale for lands at Ogle on the East Coast of Demerara.

Calls to Mr Colvin Heath London for a response proved futile.