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Ex-Cop in police attire, friends rob West Dem teen

Ex-Cop in police attire, friends rob West Dem teen

CAPTURED: Joel Semple, Keshan Daniels and Antonio Moore 

A former policeman who was stationed at Brickdam was arrested last night in West Demerara along with two other persons, all from the East Bank Demerara, after they robbed a 19-year-old man of his money as he was riding on his way home from work.

BIG Smith News Watch has been told that the former policeman, whose name was given as Joel Semple, of 39 Samatta Point, Grove; Antonio Moore, an A/C technician of 3rd Field, Kaneville, and Keshan Daniels of 988 Providence New Housing Scheme, a construction worker, are the suspects. The men were using a car (PPP 7374) at the time.

Ex-Cop in police attire, friends rob West Dem teen
The car the fake policemen were in while conducting their unlawful activities
Semple, who has been out of the Guyana Police Force for some time now, was dressed in a blue police shirt and in the front passenger seat of the car when the vehicle rolled up alongside the intended target.
Semple then questioned the young man as to why he was not wearing a mask, and ordered him to get off his bicycle. Scared and of the opinion that the men in the car were police officers, the teen complied, and the car’s occupants carried out a police-like search on him.
Eighteen thousand ($18,000) Guyana dollars which he had in his pocket was taken away, but the teen became suspicious of the men when they attempted to take away his mobile phone. He then ran in a different direction to where the car was facing, forcing the bandits to retreat.
Having an opportunity to record the vehicle’s registration plate, the victim contacted the police, who responded promptly, and put a system in place which saw them intercepting the vehicle with the thieves.
Daniels, who was driving the car, attempted to turn the vehicle off the main road into an Estate road, but was forced to abandon the car and run, leaving Semple and Moore to be apprehended by the police. Daniels was eventually captured by the cops, and the three men were escorted to the Leonora Police Station where they were positively identified by the victim.
The car was impounded and searched, and a cutlass and improvised jooker were the offensive weapons found within.