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Employer shoots staff in the neck then goes into hiding

Woman takes her life after checking into short-time hotel

Anyone with information about Christendat Kanhai (no photograph immediately available) is asked to contact the nearest police station.

Kanhai is being sought by the police for shooting a 24-year-old employee of his to the neck after the young man decided to walk away from his job after a misunderstanding.

According to what this publication was told by police sources, on Friday morning, 24-Year-old Garfield Williams of Pickersgill, Pomeroon River was shot while packing up his clothes to leave the worksite of Kanhai.

The incident took place at Blackwater Backdam, Konawaruk where Williams worked as an excavator operator for Kanhai.

As the story is told by police sources, sometime around 07:00 the two men got into an argument which resulted in Williams coming to his decision walk off the job, demanding his money in the process.

While Williams was packing up his belongings, Kanhai walked into the camp and demanded the keys for the excavator which was slinging on Williams pants, as the young man attempted to take keys off and hand it to him, Kanhai whipped out a gun and shot the Young man in his neck then ran away after the youngster fell to the ground.

The young man was then picked up by others at the camp and escorted to the Mahdia Hospital where he was admitted a patient in a stable condition but was later air dashed to the Georgetown Public Hospital.