“Electricity played a role” in Regent Street fire – Fire Chief

Even as the Guyana Fire Service is investigating the origin of the fire that destroyed the Regent street property known as Sachi building last evening, information suggests that the fire may have been electrical in origin. The fire destroyed goods belonging to Singh’s Electronics and SamTronix Mobile which operated out of the building from different floors.
On Monday, Fire Chief Marlon Gentle confirmed that “electricity played a role” in a fire as he pointed out that investigators are working with the City Engineer’s Department and Government Electrical Inspectorate to finalise their investigations. The Fire Chief said that as interviews are being conducted, investigators are working on a theory that the fire may have started in a makeshift shed that was constructed to aid in the display of “christmas goods”.
Mooen Javid of SamTronix Mobile estimated his losses to be in the millions of dollars, “I got a new container of cosmetics a few weeks ago,” the businessman said this morning while outside of the burnt out property.ย The fire which started about 20:30 hours on Sunday night threatened many of the nearby businesses in the commercial area. But the firefighters managed to contain the fire which attracted the praise of Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn, “We are just about 150 ft east of the Guyoil Gas Station on Regent Street, so you had those considerations too if the fire had spread,” Benn told the media.
The very building was the target of arsonists in Februaryย this year.