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Edmond Cooper removed as Region Five commander

Edmond Cooper removed as Region Five commander

REMOVED: Removed, Region 5 Commander Edmond Cooper

Senior Superintendent of Police Edmond Cooper has been relieved of his command duties in Region 5. Cooper who took up the post in August will be replaced by Senior Superintendent Kurleigh Simon who, up to Tuesday, commanded Regional Division 4B.


BIG Smith News Watch has been informed that Cooper is now being moved to Georgetown, where he is expected to take up the post as Force Training Officer.


Protesters in September began burning debris along the public roads in Region 5, and which spilled over to other communities in other divisions as the nation mourned the brutal killings of three West Berbice teenagers who were found in the backlands of No.3 village, West Coast Berbice.


The situation continued for a while, forcing the army to be deployed to the region. After days of its deployment, the situation calmed down, but again raised its head two days ago as residents expressed the view that justice for the deaths of the young men was taking too long.


It is unclear if the removal of Cooper as the Regional Commander had anything to do with the handling of the situation in Region 5.


Cooper is said to be an experienced prosecutor, having served as a prosecutor for a little more than ten years, and also held the post of Court Superintendent in Brickdam. Cooper has also served as Divisional Commander for C and D Divisions in the past.


Senior Superintendent Cooper is also the holder of a Bachelor’s of Law Degree from the University of Guyana.


Meanwhile, Senior Superintendent Simon, who will be taking over from Cooper, served as head of the force Narcotics Branch, and is also the holder of a Diploma in Industrial Relations and Management, a Diploma and Degree in Public Management, and a Master’s in Business Administration.