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Daughters eyeing five million settlement for father killed in accident

Daughters eyeing five million settlement for father killed in accident

DEAD: Wayne Roynel Jamesย 

Tamika James and Lushan James, two of the seven children of an accident victim, 53-year-old Wayne Roynel James are prepared to accept an out of court settlement of five million dollars for their fatherโ€™s death.

James was struck down on Tuesday along the Melanie Public Road by a car while he, James was attempting to pass a parked minibus.

Speaking with BIG Smith News Watch on Thursday morning at her Melanie North home, Tamika the eldest of the children related that the family is not looking to have any long drawn out court or police story over the death of Wayne James.

โ€œI donโ€™t think I need a settlement and the five million will go between the grandchildren and the children and my mom. He and she were not divorced and it was just that my mother lives in Berbice.โ€ Tamika James told BIG Smith News Watch

At the time of this death however, James was living in the compound of dilapidated Cinema which is located at Melanie.

Tamika said that her father moved to the cinema yard some two weeks ago after encountering some problems with the occupant of a home where he p[previously lived. She also explained that her father was not living her because the house in which she resides, is owned by her aunt and the woman did not want anyone else staying there.

Wayne James worked as a brush cutter in and around the general Melanie area and well known. At the time of this death, he had just finished working for the day and went to purchase gas for this machine to prepare for his next dayโ€™s work.

Another daughter, Lushan James told this publication that they received a call about the accident on Tuesday evening and a smaller brother who lives with Tamika went to the hospital where the remains of the deceased were identified.

The car which struck down James was being driven by a member of the Guyana Prison Service. The police are awaiting the report from a post-mortem before charges (in any) are instituted against the driver.

The sisters said that they kept in contact with their father although he was not living with them and that he would usually assist his children and grandchildren wherever and whenever necessary.