Cops detain female bar owner & two friends of missing teen mom

-boy, 16 missing in other baffling Region 7 case

By Michael Jordan

Can a female bar owner and two salesgirls lead police to missing teen mom Anisa Miguel?

That’s what investigators seeking a break in the baffling case are hoping, as the search for the 19-year-old enters its ninth day.

In custody at the Bartica Police Station is a female bar owner, at whose Martin’s Landing, Mazaruni, Region Seven establishment Miguel was last seen on Friday, June 17. Also detained are two salesgirls who are co-workers of Miguel, and in whose company she was last seen.

Prior to their arrest, the three women gave statements in which they indicated they have no knowledge of Anisa’s whereabouts.

Anisa, who has a four-year-old son, is employed as a cleaner at a Tamakay Landing, Region Seven boutique and bar. The two young women in custody are employed as salesgirls at the same establishment.

Anisa and the salesgirls had travelled by boat to Martin’s Landing, located some 45 minutes away, to sell perfumes and other items.

Anisa’s employer told Big Smith News Watch that at around noon on Friday, June 17, she sent two of her salesgirls by boat to a location, some 45 minutes away, with perfumes and other items. She said Anisa decided to accompany them, and a speedboat operator who works with Anisa’s boss took them to Martin’s Landing where a number of interior shops and other businesses are located.

What’s particularly troubling is that Anisa left her cell phone (which was being charged) at her workplace. She also did not take any other clothing. This seems to indicate that she had all intention of returning.


It is alleged that they visited an entertainment spot at Martin’s Landing, where the young woman consumed alcoholic beverages and they were all intoxicated when the boat operator returned to take them back to their workplace.

Out of concern for their safety, the boatman reportedly refused to let them travel, and the woman who owns the entertainment spot reportedly said she would ‘take care’ of the young women. There are reports that the woman took Anisa to a room to rest.

According to one report, the friends last saw Anisa dancing with a young man at the entertainment spot. They allegedly never saw her after that.

Anisa’s employer told this newscast that the following day (Saturday, June 18) the same boat operator took her to Martin’s Landing. It was then that she was told that Anisa was missing and that the bar owner and the salesgirls had made a report at a nearby police outpost.

Describing Anisa as being “quiet and pleasant,” the employer said the ten seldom drank and she had never seen her intoxicated. She speculated that Anisa may have been taken somewhere against her will, but is optimistic she is safe. If this is the case, she is appealing to the missing teen to contact her loved ones.

An aunt who is taking care of her missing niece’s son is not so upbeat. She is adamant that her niece would not have willingly gone elsewhere without notifying anyone.

“She would not do that. This little child is everything to her. It was hard for her to leave him, but she wants to work to buy her own house. She knows she has relatives who would worry about her,” Anisa’s aunt said.

She is pleading with individuals with knowledge of Anisa’s whereabouts to contact the police and family members.

Regional Commander Dion Moore told Big Smith News Watch that his ranks have also checked at various interior locations and questioned several people without unearthing any leads. He indicated that investigators are exploring all possibilities regarding the young woman’s fate.

“We are having an open investigation. We are looking at this with a broad focus,” he said.

Miguel’s employee told this newscast  that bikers and boat operators have also helped them search along the river and bushy areas.

And the Region Seven cops are also saddled with another baffling case—the  disappearance of a 16 year old boy from Arawai, also in Region Seven. They are questioning an uncle in whose company the child, Akeem Bissoon, was last seen on Friday, June 17.

The uncle, a miner, has reportedly said that the boy was missing when he (the uncle) “turned his back.” Initially, police were assisting him in trying to find Akeem. He was taken on Friday, June 24 to Bartica for further questioning.

“We are hoping to find both of them (Anisa and Akeem) alive,” Commander Moore said.