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BREAKING: Marcus Bisram freed

Judges pelt DPP’s incorrect appeal of Bisram's freedom out the door


Marcus Bisram who was extradited from the United States to Guyana in late 2019 to answer to the capital offence was moments ago freed by Magistrate Renita Singh who upheld a no case submission.

The development brings to an end, the circus-like Preliminary Inquiry which has been ongoing since November 2019 and which suffered several dramatic turns and delays, the latter which evidently exposed the state’s unpreparedness to prosecute the matter against Marcus Bisram.

The defense lawyers for Bisram have repeatedly stated in open court that the state had no evidence to support their charge against Bisram.

Infact, the defence accused the prosecution of developing inappropriate communications with the other five persons who were previously charged with the same crime, the defence also noted that the prosecution deliberately approached persons interested in the case, including the start witness to change his statement.

Under cross examination,  the state’s start witness agreed that he was told by the prosecution what to say and was also made to a sign a statement which was written and given to him but which was read over to him by anyone.

Marcus Bisram was being represented attorneys at law Dexter Todd, Sanjeev Datadin and Glen Hanoman

BIG Smith News Watch will provide a more detailed report on this development in a subsequent report.