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Body in barrel: Woman was left hanging in house after beating

Body in barrel: Woman was left hanging in house after beating

Suraj Veerasammy and Deveika Narainedat in happier times


 Suraj Veerasammy in a confession statement to police investigators on Monday detailed the manner in which his reputed wife met her demise.


The suspect who appeared in court earlier today charged with the offense told ranks that he hit the woman in her head, strangled her, tied her to a beam in the house then left her there as he went for a walk.


Suraj Veerasammy’s confession statement also noted that after leaving the woman to die he went back home, cut her loose from the bean she was hanging and then dumped her into a barrel and rolled it into a nearby trench.


A Post Mortem examination conducted by government pathologist Nehaul Singh confirmed the death as Asphyxiation due to compound injuries to the neck and blunt trauma to the back of the head. 


Deveika Narainedat whose body was found stuff into a barrel that was overboard last weekend has since been identified as a Venezuelan National. Some time ago, the suspect took the young lady to the home of his mother where he introduced her as his wife, the two have been sharing a relationship since November 2019.


In court today the man was not required to plea to the indictable charge which was read to him by a New Amsterdam Magistrate who later remanded him to prison.


On the day the remains were discovered, residents of Belvedere, Corentyne Coast were suspicious that it was the woman but could not properly identify her against any image as there was not in circulation prior to her death.


A resident who was hit by the foul smell went to investigate and stumbled on the unpleasant sight and raised an alarm to other villagers before the police were called in.


It was reported to the police that the woman was last seen Thursday morning and later that evening, persons heard a commotion coming from the house which subsequently subsided, although they regarded the commotion between the two as a norm.


Veerasammy was apprehended last Sunday under the Canje Bridge and was immediately taken into custody.