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Blacklist for security firms not remitting workers NIS contributions

Security companies that deduct but refuse to remit their employees’ statuary deduction to the National Insurance Scheme will be blacklisted by the government.

President Irfaan Ali on recently made the call while listening to concerns of residents who met with him and raised various issues as the Office of the President held an outreach in Region 6.

In one case an employee walked with a ledger of every single payslip he was issued with while working with the company and which all reflected that his deductions were remitted to the NIS.

However, according to what he told the president, the NIS records does not reflect that all the contributions were paid.

“The security firms that do this must be investigated and blacklisted, these are poor people with families and they need their monies,” the NIS General Manager who was also at the outreach was told by President Ali.

The General Manager however related that there are several other complaints of that nature against the said security company which prompted the agency to take the security firm to court.

She however related that while the court instructed awarded judgment to the NIS, the security company claimed that it is bankrupt.

NIS, land and agriculture issues dominated the concerns which were raised by the residents at the outreach two Fridays Friday ago.

The president in his conclusion noted that while the region has the expertise and capacity to deal with the matters raised before him, they need more communication among agencies that would break down the barriers of bureaucracy.

He also stressed that at the regional level, officials need to engage in better coordination so that the services to the residents within their areas could be properly delivered.