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Azore to CDC, other major movements as GPF changes batting order

Senior Superintendent of Police Phillip Azore 

The Guyana Police Force is consistently changing its batting order, as a number of senior officers are being relieved from their command positions and relocated to other areas of the force, while others have been replacing them.
While some of the moves are being regarded as politically motivated, senior functionaries within the force have assured the movements are necessary, as the force the seeks to increase its efficiency in delivering service and protection to the citizenry.
Senior Superintendent Phillip Azore has been removed from the force, and will from today, take up a post at the Civil Defence Commission (CDC). Azore was Commander of the Police Regional Division 4-A when PPP Gecom Commissioner now Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn, reportedly suffered a fractured hand as police ranks attempted to remove him from the Arthur Chung Conference Centre, where the national vote recount was taking place.
Senior Superintendent Fizal Karimbaksh will now head the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU), which is tasked with investigating crimes associated with money laundering. Over the last five years, the entity went after a number of former PPP Government officials and other public figures who acquired lands under the then PPP administration. Karimbaksh, who served as Commander for two divisions previously, was seconded to the Civil Defence Commission under the APNU+AFC administration.
Senior Superintendent Linden Isles, who up to yesterday served as the Traffic Chief, is being sent to Berbice as Commander of Region 6, East Berbice-Corentyne.
Senior Superintendent Calvin Brutus will be heading to Force Headquarters, where he will take over from Deputy Commissioner Paul Williams, who will be off the job for six months. Brutus, up to yesterday, commanded the Regional Division 6 in Berbice.
Senior Superintendent Ramesh Ashram, who currently commands Regional Division 8, will be returning to Georgetown as the Traffic Chief, a post he once held before being sent to command Region 10 and subsequently Region 8.
Head of the Force’s Immigration Office Senior Superintendent Ewart Wray will be heading over to force headquarters, where he will be providing support to Senior Superintendent Brutus as the Second-in-command.
Superintendent Dennis Stephens who previously served as the second-in-command of Training before being sent as Deputy Commander in Region 6, will be heading over to the Immigration Office.
Superintendent Boodnarine Persaud will now head to Region 3 as Deputy Commander, serving under Senior Superintendent Errol Watts.
Former head of the SWAT Unit Lonsdale Withrite will be heading over to force headquarters as head of the Tactical Services Unit (TSU).
Over the past few weeks there have been a number of changes within the force which have not been sitting well within many officers, who feel that some of the movements are unjustified.