Purnell Pompey, a 17 year old teen from Anns Grove, East Coast Demerara was murdered in the Bronx, New York on Wednesday night as he was out with a group of friends.

The teen who has been living in the United States for the past six years left his home to go and hang with his friends and was slated to return home later in the evening.

However while his mother was on the phone with a Guyanese relatives of hers, she heard the doorbell rang and though it was her son now returning home.

It turned out that the person at the door was a police officer bearing sad news which shattered her world.

The man requested to speak with the mother of the child and when she arrived at the door he told her that her son was involved in a ‘serious incident’ and was taken to the hospital where the doctors tried to revive him but he died.

Up the time of this publication, the family were not properly fed any information as to how the young man who was out with a group of friends sustained multiple stab wounds about his body.

Pompey was at the time of his death a student in the United States, he leaves to mourn his three older siblings, mother and other relatives.

That investigations is continuing.

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