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Two arrested for Enmore incident with teens

Annandale man arrested for Enmore teens accident

L-R Sheldon Major (deceased) and his friend Christopher Pollard (hospitalized)ย 

An Annandale Resident who goes by the name of shades man was this afternoon arrested by the police along with another person as the probe continues into the incident involving fifteen-year-old Sheldon Major (deceased) and Christopher Pollard (hospitalized) who were reportedly struck down on Sunday in a hit and run accident.

The arrest of the man and the impounding of his vehicle comes less than twenty-four hours after this publication carried an article where the relatives of the children expressed dissatisfaction with the police investigations and what they considered suspicious and hidden facts.

Divisional Commander Assistant Commissioner Andries Junor confirmed with BIG Smith News Watch that indeed a suspect was arrested and a vehicle impounded as they probe in the Sundayโ€™s incident continued.

The commander also reaffirmed that today the police were told by Government pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh that the injuries on Majorโ€™s remains were consistent with that of a motor vehicle

Accident and that the PM also found that the teen also suffered several broken bones.

The two teens were found lying on the roadway at Enmore on Sunday evening and the police were treating the development as a hit and run accident even as relatives suggested that foul play might have been involved.

On the night Major and Pollard were picked up by the police and taken to the hospital, most of Majorโ€™s clothing was missing, that is to say, his pants, boxers, and brief.

That bit of information was not included in the police official statement on the boyโ€™s accident but was only made known on Thursday when this publication spoke with the relatives of the dead child. Why the police left out that vital bit of information is still a million-dollar question.

Relatives on Thursday evening told BIG Smith News Watch that the two teens had gone to uplift something from Pollardโ€™s grandmother but after hours they had not returned and relatives did not hear from them until someone came to inform that they were lying on the roadway and that Major was dead.