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Alleged accident involving Enmore teens could become murder investigation

Annandale man arrested for Enmore teens accident

L-R Sheldon Major(deceased) and his friend Christopher Pollard (hospitalized)

Relatives of thirteen-year-old Christopher Pollard (hospitalized) and sixteen-year-old Sheldon Major (deceased) are calling on the Guyana Police Force to employ their investigative skills to determine the true circumstances which resulted in the two teens being found on the roadway Sunday night.

While the police initially reported to the press that they were treating the discoveries as a hit and run accident, relatives are of the few that the two young men were attacked and placed in the position they were found. Major was removed from the roadside at Enmore in a lifeless state while Pollard was unconscious and remains warded at a city hospital in a critical but stable condition.

Speaking with BIG Smith News Watch on Thursday evening at her Enmore home, Evet James the grandmother of the dead teen said that she began receiving signs and visions about what really happened to her grandson and his friend. That prompted her to return to the location where the teens were picked.

“For an accident scene, there were no skid marks, no convincing amount of debris to support the police claims of a hit and run where two persons were the victims and added to that, my grandson who left home with clothes was found with no pants, no boxers and no brief on, his jersey was rolled up to his chest and he had two gashing wounds to the back of his head. The slippers of his friend were found in the burial ground nearby,” Ms. James told BIG Smith News Watch

She said relatives did not locate the pants, boxers, or brief of the sixteen-year-old at the alleged accident scene neither was it found in the burial ground. The woman like other family members including the mothers of the two boys are of the view that the teens were beaten and placed in the position they were found.

The police on Thursday were told of the suspicion the relatives have and their request to have the police supervise a second post-mortem examination on the remains of the dead teen.

It should be noted that the slippers that Pollard was wearing at the time and which was found in the burial ground as well as a hair care product which he had just collected from his grandmother are not in the custody of the police to be admitted into evidence should this investigation takes a twist to that of a homicide. In fact, those items remain in the custody of the relatives even as the police made no efforts to scout the area for any signs of the dead teen’s clothing which he was not found with.

One police source who spoke with this publication explained to this publication that ranks within the police division were told by other colleagues that from the night the boys were found on the roadway, the police erred by just dispatching a traffic rank to the location and that since then, the police have been fixed on treating the matter as an accident rather exploring all other possible investigative scenarios.

Sally Peters, the mother of Sheldon told this publication that her son attended the Anns Grove Secondary School. She said that all she needs to come out of the story is the truth and for the police to properly investigate the matter so that she can have the justice she and other relatives deserve.

Roxanna Pollard the mom of the hospitalized Christopher Pollard related that her side of the family is still trying to make sense of the police’s handling of the matter given the new information they are being fed with. She explained that they would love to know who the person or persons who can be so cruel to innocent children as she sought to imply the children were attacked.

Police 4A Divisional Commander Andries Junor when contacted told BIG Smith News Watch late on Thursday he learned of the concerns of the relatives of the boys and that he will be meeting with the grandmother on Monday.

He confirmed that a post-mortem was also done on Sheldon major and the remains handed over to the family for burial but that he plans to seek legal advice on the way forward with the additional information and the possible reclaiming of the body to have another post-mortem examination carried out. He however stressed that the initial examination which was done on Wednesday stated that the cause of death is consistent with an accident.

On Sunday, the boys were at the Home of Sheldon Major when Christopher’s mother sent him at his grandmother a short distance away to collect some money and a haircare product. She explained to this publication that from the home of major to Christopher’s grandmother’s house is roughly ten minutes walking distance back and forth.

The woman further explained that the two were sent there at about quarter to five and relatives only received the information about the discoveries of their bodies at about 19:00hrs. She stressed that her mother indicated to her that as soon as the boys arrived at her home to collect the items, they left to return to Sheldon’s home which would have taken them five minutes.

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The BIG Smith News Watch is an online news outlet. Formerly BIG Smith Crime, the brand has been reconfigured to cover general news stories.
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Leroy Smith Editor
The BIG Smith News Watch is an online news outlet. Formerly BIG Smith Crime, the brand has been reconfigured to cover general news stories.